It’s a purple butterfly zebra kind of life

Here I sit, at quarter to eleven in the morning, in my pajamas with absolutely no intention of getting a shower.  To be quite honest, I'm actually afraid of the shower and how I am going to feel afterward.  Anyone who has experienced chronic pain and the accompanying fatigue will understand...the shower is just a … Continue reading It’s a purple butterfly zebra kind of life


All other ground is sinking sand

I have to admit that these last few weeks have been very difficult.  Since being diagnosed with cancer I have become almost a literal shut-in.  I have very little contact with the outside world anymore and it is beginning to wear heavily on my soul.  Today, as I sit before the computer, the tears are … Continue reading All other ground is sinking sand

Casting away anxiety

The last few days have been rough ones for me.  Since starting cancer treatment, I have found myself locked up in the house for days on end, speaking to almost no one, and wishing for my old life back.  Having all this time on my hands has made it difficult not to think about the … Continue reading Casting away anxiety