Out of weakness comes incredible strength 

There is nothing so humbling in this world than receiving the news that the body harbors a potentially deadly disease. The range of emotions is intense as the mind desperately tries to process this new reality.  I can remember sitting in that dark room in the emergency department, trying to maintain a grasp on reality … Continue reading Out of weakness comes incredible strength 


A sabbath rest

Rest.  What a wonderful word.  It brings with it feelings of relaxation and refreshment; a chance to renew the spirit and bring a freshness back to the old routines of life.  Many of us look forward to periods of rest so we can separate ourselves from the everyday mundane pace of work and enjoy some … Continue reading A sabbath rest

Social media to the rescue?

Social media is a wonderful thing.  It allows us to keep in touch with friends and family that, in today's mobile society, are spread out across the country.  It allows us to make new friends with people in different countries that we would not have otherwise had the privilege of meeting.  It also allows us … Continue reading Social media to the rescue?


If purees be the food of life, eat on!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is impossible to have a hobbit-sized appetite after having extensive abdominal surgery.  It seems like any time I allow my eyes to overpower my stomach, I find myself on the couch, curled up in agony, wishing that I had exercised a bit more self control. … Continue reading If purees be the food of life, eat on!