Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome!  Let me take a few minutes to show you around and help familiarize you with my blog.  When I started this venture, I had just a narrow vision of what I wanted this to be and as time progressed I have been inspired to branch out and add a bit more to this little adventure.

Along the right hand side of my blog pages there is a section entitled Personal Reflections. Here I have several different categories where I publish most of my ramblings.  There are days when I feel like talking about my day and how NET cancer has been effecting my life.  Other categories talk about how certain pieces of literature, a snippet here and a quote there, have enhanced my understanding of living well despite cancer.  And I also have a special category for those days when I’m feeling a bit ADD and tend to just ramble, after all there are days when life is great and things happen that just have to be shared!

New to my blog is a section in the Personal Reflections entitled, Beowulf, a journey with NET cancer.  Here I will be publishing an article weekly that finds its influence in the lessons I have learned from reading Beowulf shortly after my diagnosis.  Early on in my journey, I found myself overwhelmed by reading the stories of others with NET cancer and the research I had been doing on the Web.  I needed something that would help ground me in the moment and build me up so I could continue to move forward with treatment.  Those first few months were some of the darkest of my life and reading Beowulf truly helped me to discover the power to be the warrior that God was calling me to be though this disease.  Initially, I began to write down my thoughts in the margins and any blank space I could find within the pages of my book.  Then I felt inspired to write them down in book form, and, instead of writing a book, I decided to publish them on my blog in a sort of serial format, with a new post coming once a week.  I have no idea how long this will last, but for now I have much to say!

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and I pray that you find hope, healing, and a little bit of inspiration as you continue on your journey with chronic illness!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!